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 A highly recommended, evocative read….


As events unfold and Kate finds herself caught in a web of self-discovery and self-induced interventions, facing the consequences of her choices as her abilities grow, so readers are drawn into a plot that pairs a story of growing faith and evolving talents with a myriad of social, political and personal conflicts along the way.

Sherry Maysonave’s ability to juxtapose inner and outer worlds for a maximum sense of impact and her realistic portrayal of a youngster’s world make for satisfying blends of extraordinary and ordinary experiences: “See, you’re not such a smarty pants after all. Like you can’t even win a game for four-year-olds,” Marilla Marzy taunted.”

Medical procedures and murder, teen angst and police involvements, eating disorders and intrigue, and interactions with the afterlife push The Girl Who Could Read Hearts into unexpected directions. Readers won’t expect to find these themes wound into an overall saga of a girl’s awakening abilities; but they are an intrinsic piece of a plot that combines spiritual reflections with social issues, and they make for a complex web of events that succeed in creating a moving, memorable story. The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is a highly recommended, evocative read for young adult to adult audiences who are interested in stories of evolution, spiritual guidance, and ultimately, hope.

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, 4-24-2016

Your Heart Goes on a Roller Coaster Ride…

A true page turner, and you don’t want to miss ONE word. Sherry Maysonave has a gift for bringing each of her characters to life in such a special and unique way. Your heart goes on a roller coaster ride, and its an incredible experience that embraces love, faith, joy, sadness, imagination and hope. You enjoy the ride so much, you want to go on another one. We need a sequel!!!!!

— Terry Goldman, 5-stars, Amazon Reviewer, April 27, 2019

Most Compelling Family Storyline Ever…

This book weaves spiritual, mystical, and experiential themes into the most compelling family storyline ever. The author’s use of metaphors, similes, and analogies bring life and light to these interconnections making the read a great delight. Little Kate’s character magnifies those around her elevating the spirit of hope and imagination while laying bare some of life’s greatest questions. Highly recommend it!

— John Horn, Retired Superintendent, Mesquite ISD, 11-29-2016
  If you are someone who is intuitive, this is the book for you.

This book is phenomenal.  The author captured my attention and I couldn’t put this book down. I highly recommend this book to anyone who believes in angels, divine appointments and a higher working power in our lives. This book is one I will read again and again.

— Anna Blackard, 5-Stars, Amazon Reviewer, 2-19-2018

 Spiritually Uplifting

   Excellent, uplifting read. It’s been said that music is the use of sound to move the human soul. So is excellent writing, and this book has a style and deeply spiritual basis that will move your soul. It deftly ties timely social issues together with the afterlife, angels, and the power of intuition. Great flow, with an unexpected, exciting ending.

— Austin Mark, 5-Stars, Amazon Reviewer, 2-1-2018

Mystery, Magic, and Faith 

I am a fan of both magic and fantasy (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Dresden Files). I would consider The Girl Who Could Read Hearts to be a wonderful fantasy about a little girl, the travails in her life and the magical way in which she overcame them, if I did not also know that much of what happens with her is also the true life experiences of the author Sherry Maysonave. This book can be an enjoyable quick read, but don’t do that. Take your time, contemplate the nuances, and decide for yourself how faith can create change. Enjoy — and learn!

— Eddie Castoria, 5-Stars, Amazon Reviewer, 8-9-2017

A groundbreaking story with a theme that is rarely touched upon in this genre

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedThe Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave is a psychological novel, a beautiful story of coming to grips with one’s gifts. Kate Kindrick has the rare gift of the seventh sense, a gift that begins to manifest in her life as early as six years old — the ability to read human hearts, coupled with keen intuition — but what can a young girl make of such a powerful gift?…

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is well written and, yes, the language casts a powerful spell from the very first word of the story. The prose is well-crafted with a strong and masterful use of descriptions to create an unsettling feeling in readers, and a setting that draws the reader irresistibly into the story. The multidimensional plot is very symbolic of the parallel universe inhabited by the psyche of the protagonist. The story starts with conflict and it is important to see how it climaxes. Readers will also enjoy the well-crafted characters and how the author explores their psychological health. Sherry Maysonave makes readers care about her characters and invites them to embrace their weirdness, their God-given talents without shame. This is a groundbreaking story with a theme that is rarely touched upon in this genre.

— Arya Fomonyuy, 5-Stars, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer, 8-17-2016

Spiritually rewarding for young and old alike…

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedTHE GIRL WHO COULD READ HEARTS is a beautiful, heart warming, story about a young girl who is blessed with the gift of recognizing how certain people in her life really feel in their hearts…from, goodness and happiness, to evil and hatred.

Using the innocence of Etta Ebella and her ‘angel doll’, the author takes the reader, young and old alike, on a powerful, spiritual journey. Captivated by the depth of the books message, I found myself pausing, many times throughout, to absorb and enjoy all the spiritual moments that the author generously shared with her readers.

I loved every moment I spent inside this book. The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is on the ‘Suggested Spiritual Reading‘ list of several retreat groups.

— Barbara H. Caporaso, 5-Stars, Amazon Reviewer, 11-21-2016

In a world that seems to be getting darker, Maysonave creates a little child to help us focus on the beauty of our planet

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedSix year old Katie loves her plastic angel doll named Etta Ebella. With Etta’s magical help, Katie sees the light, vibrant colors and love in her family’s hearts. She also sees the darkness and snakes in some other hearts outside her family. Born with red hair, just like her beloved “Grammy Mer,” Katie is gifted with unexplainable talents. Although religious belief plays a role in the book, Maysonave approaches faith from Katie’s inclusionary standpoint: there is “Jesus-man,” who is all things to every religion, and there is the Great Angel Mother who is the feminine side of God. Prejudice, the ” pre-judging” of others, is taboo. Those that practice “churchianity” instead of Christianity are called out for being small-minded hypocrites, who are at times dangerous and evil.

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is a delightful, inspiring novel. In a world that seems to be getting darker, Maysonave creates a little child to help us focus on the beauty of our planet, and to help us let the light in.

— Roselyn, NetGalley & Amazon Reviewer, 5-star recommendation, 8-6-2016

A highly recommended read… an inspirational story that vividly treats the themes…

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedThe Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave is an inspirational story that vividly treats the themes of intuition, religion, God, love, and many others. The book tells the story of a girl with the extraordinary gift of seeing what most ordinary people do not see, the gift of a sharpened perception, and one that troubles her as well as her parents. What does it mean to see colors in the hearts of others? Could she be living within the bounds of the normal or does her experience border on insanity? Such are the questions that disturb Kate Kindrick and her family, but there is worse than that, and can she bear it all in her young heart?

Sherry Maysonave is a very skilled author and her work explores one of the challenging issues that many people face in contemporary society: the loneliness of the gifted person. The story is well written and there is a powerful psychological depth that will haunt many readers. But the story is highly inspirational, one of those tales that will encourage readers to have the courage to stand out, to accept their gifts, and to embrace who they really are. The author’s tone is gentle and compassionate, and her voice rings through with clarity and authority. The highly accessible writing is punctuated by vivid descriptions and colorful dialogue. The author knows how to lead readers into the mind of her protagonist and allow them to connect intimately with her. The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is a story of faith, a powerful defense for those who dare to follow the light they see within them.

A highly recommended read!

— Romuald Dzemo, 5-Stars, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer, 8-17-2016

Insightful, Riveting, Spiritual

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedBeing a pediatrician, I quickly understood the main character, Kate, a six-year old with the unique ability to read the aura in people’s hearts, including good, bad, and turmoil. She is an inquisitive girl that asks questions and is surprised by some of the answers such as her learning about bigotry and hateful hearts.

Kate’s life takes a turn for the worse when she is forced to live with her bullying cousin who she discovers has bulimia. Her evil uncle, Vaynem Moxim, is a narcissistic verbally and physically abusive man who hides behind a veil of religiosity but makes life miserable for all of those he should love both through his actions and those of his “goons.” Through a rapid juxtaposition of multiple events that leave the reader riveted with suspense, the lives both good and evil people come together in the same hospital on the same day. Again, the doctor in me was amazed how Sherry reproduced the ailments, treatments, and doctor patient relationships that ensue…

Kate has a heavenly vision of the afterlife that gives her strength to endure with the help of Etta Ebella. I don’t want to give away the ending, but suffice it to say that I was upset to have finished this book. Perhaps Sherry can check in with us as Kate and her angel continue on through childhood!

— Pediatrician, Amazon Reviewer, July 2016

Sherry is a talented writer who is able to create …

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedSherry is a talented writer who is able to create a multitude of unique, developed characters in a relatively short book. Through Kate, the book’s protagonist, Sherry succeeds in portraying the depth of feeling, thought and intuition that children possess, as well as (comically) how it is overlooked and misinterpreted by adults.

This book excels in creating a highly descriptive, and often visual picture of scenes, so that the reader feels right there amongst the characters. Another notable feature, is that Sherry very effectively varies the pace of the story – from the mystical ponderings of a young mind, to action-packed drama at a flick of a switch, keeping the reader highly engaged and immersed. This book also covers some important issues of our time, with Vaynem seemingly acting as a metaphor for the hateful, “us and them” mentality being increasingly adopted in today’s social climate.

Through The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, Sherry reminds us that even in times of personal turmoil, we must stay positive and maintain hope, for only then can blessings come our way.

— Bowen Feng, Amazon Reviewer, 5-star recommendation, 8-4-2016

There is a delightful mixture of intriguing characters, realistic dialogue, spiritual concepts and mystical experiences…

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedKate Kindrick is a sweet, precocious six-year-old girl, who is blessed with strong intuitive abilities and the gift of seeing other people’s hearts. Kate learns some difficult life lessons when she does not listen to inner signals…  The Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave is a truly enjoyable way to be reminded of the magic possible in earthly lives. There are other fascinating characters in the story…

Sherry Maysonave, the author of The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, has written an inspirational and thought-provoking novel. There is a delightful mixture of intriguing characters, realistic dialogue, spiritual concepts and mystical experiences, making the story appealing to a wide-ranging audience. Ms. Maysonave writes in a clear, easy-to-read style; the story flows effortlessly. While there are many characters and various connections between them, it is easy to keep track of each one, primarily due to her distinct descriptions of each person. The author’s sharing of her own intuitive abilities at the end of the book is also enlightening.

This book is truly a page-turner, engaging the reader from the first page until the last.

— Deborah Lloyd, 5-Stars, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer, 8-18-2016

A Touching and Moving Read…..

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedI had the opportunity to read Sherry Maysonave’s book during a quiet week away at a sleepy beach. After setting up my chair and umbrella each day I eagerly dove into The Girl Who Could Read Hearts to follow Kate’s journey. This past year , I have experienced the loss of loved ones; this novel helped bring some closure to those losses and the connective power of a family bond. I consider myself a spiritual person and while reading the Girl Who Could Read Hearts I consistently reflected on my moral compass and my own religious fortitude. I am thankful to have stumbled across this book and recommend it as a page-turning beach read.

 — Susie, 5-Stars, Amazon Reviewer, 8-26-2016

This book was one of the best I have read in a long time as it …

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedThis book was one of the best I have read in a long time as it is an inspiring yet intriguing story. The characterization is so real that I became personally involved with each character. You know you have read a good book when you miss the characters. I hope there is a sequel as I want to know the rest of Kate’s story. This book inspired me to heed my intuition as well as the divine small voice to a greater degree. Also, it encouraged me to live out moral and spiritual principles while honoring family bonds, love and legacies. It is a masterpiece and worthy of consideration as a movie!

— B. Kibler, May 24, 2016

Love it!

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedI’m in a book club with 8 other picky readers who range in age from 33 to 70. We like a good story; page turners are favorites. We also value substantive content so we have plenty to toss around while we enjoy dinner and a glass of wine. I’ve recently read Sherry Maysonave’s, The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, and it’s now the book we will read and discuss next month. I love the underlying message, the divine has our back if we listen to divine guidance, which at times can be subtly communicated. There’s more, a story line with twists and turns, a villain with character traits I recognize from a few of the villains in my own life, and an angel advising a six year old who has the gift to . . . read hearts.

— Colgin, May 18, 2016

She tells the story with great sensitivity and compassion

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedTHE GIRL WHO COULD READ HEARTS is an inspiring reminder of the importance of listening and responding to the “still small voice” or the “prickly warning in the pit of the stomach.” The characters of Kate, Uncle TT and Dr. Donnahorn all faced the consequences of not listening.
“……..Her beloved angel doll, Etta Ebella, was a fragment of herself, now reduced to a charred mess. At least, her earthly replica was. And it was all because Kate had not listened to the odd feeling that had surrounded her on her birthday. And then, she had not paid attention to the prickly warning in the pit of her stomach. In retrospect, that feeling must have been about the candles. The whole thing was her fault.”

It is also a revealing story about the complexities of family relationships. The author uses the “reading of hearts” as a way to open our minds to how we really communicate and show how we care about others. She tells the story with great sensitivity and compassion.
“…..She watched as a red flare shot out from Angelique’s heart. Uh – oh, Dr. Donnahorn is mad, Kate thought. The red flare was not unlike the red swirl she now saw in Dr. Joe’s heart.”

I highly recommend this book to young adult-to-adult readers. We all need reminders of how our creator works within us and this novel weaves a family’s story around this power.

— B & D-TN, May 18, 2016

I want more!!!!

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedI loved the book! The only disappointment I had was at the end knowing that there is not a “next” yet. I wanted to keep learning more about each character. The book was very well written and I look forward to reading more books by this talented author! being a Senior adult myself, I believe that all ages would thoroughly enjoy the book and find it to be powerful!

— Jenny from Texas, May 18, 2016

Great read with a wonderful message

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedThis is a great read with wonderful messages. I would recommend it for readers of all ages and interests. The messages it delivers are all things we should be reminded of daily.

— Carla M., May 17, 2016

A remarkable read….

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedThe Girl Who Could Read Hearts is a dazzling examination of the outcomes of listening or not listening to the gentle nudges of our hearts. The message of divine guidance readily available to us shines through and stirs both the mind and the heart. A remarkable read that compels us to listen to our own hearts more closely and joyfully receive the gifts that await us.

— Teresa Dunn May 19, 2016

Amazing Inspirational Experience…

5-star_gold-book-award_2-in-croppedThis novel describes very well and in a thought-provoking, inspirational manner how individuals may have the special gifts to read other persons minds and hearts in certain conditions. I personally related to the quote that ” you must be a mango born in a world of apples” in order to be such a gifted person. The presence of the Jesus Man and the Great Angel Mother gives a special ambiance in these circumstances. This is a novel I recommend to read and enjoy!

 – René Baas, The Netherlands, June 11, 2016

…the ability to stir up emotions…

“… a lot of action… I enjoyed the little surprises and secrets we learn along the way that unexpectedly connect the characters. The book certainly has the ability to stir up emotions as readers learn about the sorrows and joys these family member experience. 

Not many inspirational books have quite this much suspense and activity… most readers will find at least one family member who they can relate to.”

— Stacey Schutte, Book Evaluator, Dart Frog Books 

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